Purpose of BBF

 The purpose of the Bangladesh Bridge Federation shall be:

 to promote, foster, promulgate and develop the sport of Bridge throughout the country;

  • to be in the Olympic Movement, remaining affiliated as a recognized International Federation in conformity with the requirements of the Olympic Charter;
  • to contribute to the achievement of the goals set out in the Olympic Charter, in particular by way of spreading Olympism and Olympic education;
  • to federate National Bridge Associations in all countries;
  • to devise methods and conduct competitions to award national and international championship titles;
  • to establish standard laws for its contests adopting the International Code and supplementing them as may be required,  but not inconsistent with them;
  • to support and encourage the promotion of sports ethics;
  • to dedicate its efforts to ensuring that in bridge contests the spirit of fair play prevails;
  • to fight against doping in sport and to take measures, the goal of which is to prevent endangering the health of bridge players.